What’s Important for Your New Year?

With winter’s familiar chill finally settling in around us, and the holidays passed – it’s time to shift our attention to reflecting on the year we just had, and what we want to bring to fruition in 2018. It’s an exciting time! This is also an important time for everyone, or it should be, because now during these few days before the end of December 31st, we start to decide how to improve so that next year is better than the last. At Yejee, we believe that the better you start with making better decisions for your total health and well-being. Use the time between now and the start of the new year to consider how your decisions in 2017 impacted the following:

Yejee Acupuncture NYC 2018 Mental Health

Your Mental Health

When considering your mental health decisions throughout the year, make sure you’re honest with yourself! It’s important to know how you truly treated yourself and throughout the year in order to accurately gauge how the decisions and actions you made impacted an array of mental influencers like mood, outlook, energy, and the ability to focus. During your reflection, make sure to home in on what brought imbalance to your life in 2017, and brainstorm ways you would resolve or avoid similar issues in the future.

Yejee Acupuncture NYC 2018 Physical Health

Your Physical Health

Some that frequent a gym regularly or ride their bike to work may think they can confidently skip this part of their year-in-review—believing their level of activity to be enough to ensure good health, but they’re wrong. The puzzle to good health has multiple pieces, that when done right, combine all of the actions and practices that support a healthy, balanced mind and body. Your diet and nutrition are equally important to your level of exercise and should demand your attention throughout the year. When thinking about what you did right and what you did wrong with regard to your physical health this year, don’t forget to consider the benefits of seeking professional guidance, like nutrition counseling.

Yejee Acupuncture NYC 2018 Overall Wellbeing

Your Overall Wellbeing

Once you’ve reviewed how your decisions in 2017 impacted both your mental and physical health, combine the results to determine the impact of your decisions on your overall well-being. The goal is for there to be balance throughout your life—a good diet balanced with consistent exercise, high levels of stress balanced by a rewarding social life. The choice is ultimately yours how well you take care of yourself, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to seek support. No matter what’s holding you back— if at the end of this self-reflection you should want to make some lasting changes, you’re in luck—there’s still time to try something new.

Something New, for the New Year

Looking to restore much-needed balance to your life? Want to alleviate stress, or manage physical pain—have you considered acupuncture? At Yejee, we bring the ancient practice of acupuncture into the modern world, and provide a full suite of services you can rely on to help get you back to your beautifully balanced self!

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