What is Qi?

What is Qi?

“Qi” (sometimes spelled chi and pronounced “chee”) is something you will hear a lot when you’re dealing with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and that’s because of the pivotal role it plays in traditional Chinese culture. Qi is believed to be a vital force residing in every living thing and a life force that flows through an organism the same way that blood circulates the body.

The Key to Qi

What makes Qi so important in TCM is the concept of keeping your Qi in a state of balance and harmony. Keeping your Qi in balance leads to both physical and mental health and wellbeing. When you are suffering from an illness or a physical injury, your Qi is in a state of disharmony. Your Qi circulates in a natural pattern throughout your body, and when that pattern is disrupted or blocked your body suffers and you experience illnesses.

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How Qi Gets Disturbed

Your Qi circulates in a natural pattern throughout your body, similar to the way blood flows through the body. Qi flows on the pathways between the various acupuncture points on the body, called meridians. Qi gets disturbed when one or more meridians gets blocked, slowing down or blocking the flow of Qi. Some meridians are connected to internal organs, and when they are blocked you experience illness.

How Acupuncture Helps Your Qi

Each meridian is an acupuncture point where Qi can be manipulated. Acupuncturists determine where your Qi is being blocked and determine the necessary regimen for restoring balance to your body’s flow of energy. Once you begin treatment, you can feel the effects of acupuncture taking effect right away, it’s one of the most amazing things about acupuncture. One characteristic of Qi is that it has a vibration property to it, so when an acupuncturist treats the right acupuncture point, the feeling is akin to the ripple effects you see in a still pond when you touch it with a single finger. The result of these acupuncture treatments is a balanced state of Qi, which has overall health benefits.

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