Nutritional Counseling NYC

Nutrition Counseling in New York City

Healthy diet is an important factor in achieving overall wellness and nutrition counseling. Studies show that healthier dietary changes can prevent many of today’s common health disorders, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, allergies, chronic fatigue, and pain syndromes. After a thorough evaluation of the current health history, diet, and lifestyle, specific dietary and nutritional recommendations are given to patients at Yejee Acupuncture & Wellness to assist them in making a positive difference to their health.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutritional Counseling involves dietary recommendations and a plan for for an individual to reach better health.  Whether you want to focus on weight loss or simply wishes to modify your current diet for general wellness, specialists at Yejee Acupuncture & Wellness will closely work with you to achieve the goal you desire.  We integrate our knowledge in both Western and Eastern Nutrition, allowing us to create unique flexible plans at all individual level.

Body Composition Analysis

Yejee Acupuncture & Wellness features state-of-the art body composition testing, InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis, to closely monitor your progress.  InBody’s innovative 8-point tactile bioelectrical testing breaks down and analyzes 3 key components of your body – total water weight, fat mass, and lean body mass, which allows us to meticulously track your progress throughout the program. To learn more about InBody 570 Composition Analysis, please refer to our page here.