Meditation and Acupuncture – Two Ways to Beat Holiday Stress in NYC

As soon as November 1st  arrives, families around the country tense in preparation for the holiday season. The two-month period where independent, free adults of all ages are called forth by a familial obligation to return home and participate in what can be summarized as “the holidays”. There will be equal amounts of eating, joyous conversations and drinking, arguments, fights, and disagreements of varying forms—but how do you beat back the waves of stress this time of year?

It’s not easy to believe, but escaping the stress is simple, and you can achieve so much more once you realize that all it takes is a small chunk of time dedicated to finding balance in yourself, to help you power through this holiday season – and actually enjoy it! Meditation and acupuncture are two simple yet powerful means to combat even the worst of holiday stress, and as an NYC resident, access to both solutions is a short train or cab ride away.

Meditate your way to a stress-free holiday season

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for many purposes but nowadays is mostly used to help manage the stress from our day to day lives. You can use any of the different forms of meditative practices—for example, Zen, Vedic, Christian or Guided meditation—try them all to find out which fits you personally, the end result should be the same. You should feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions, more balanced and patient, with a greater sense of self. This is how you start to take control and put the cheer back into your holiday season—use this clear, level-headed state of mind to assess the sources of your stress, and work out ways to turn negative influences into positive experiences. If this is your first journey into the world of meditation, the best advice you can take is to go slow and start small. Your goal is to relax, so seek ways you can practice at home. Best of all, during the holidays, you can take a quick break at any time, and find a few minutes to work on balancing yourself.

Meditation and Acupuncture: Two Ways to Beat Holiday Stress in New York City

A quick trip to your local NYC acupuncture clinic

Another option for ridding your mind and body of holiday stress is to take advantage of your local acupuncturist. You can work with our local acupuncture clinic directly, to establish a schedule that works with the schedule of your life. Once you establish a working schedule, you can rely on your acupuncturist and the therapy they provide to be there to help, even during even your most stressful times. So even when your home is hectic and the situation at work is worse, you can find a place to take care of your wellbeing with a quick, but effective acupuncture session.

So, the next time you feel like you’re reaching your physical or emotional limit, don’t let the stress keep you from enjoying your holidays, get an Uber to 30 West 60th Street, Suite 1S and see what Yejee Acupuncture NYC can do to help put the joy back into your holidays.

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