How Can Fertility Acupuncture Help You Conceive?

Acupuncture for Fertility NYC

We are all aware that trying to get pregnant is a time full of excitement – until months have passed and you haven’t become pregnant. It takes an average young couple about four to six months to conceive, where approximately 85-95% of those will become pregnant after the first year of trying. However, if couples are constantly trying and nothing seems to work, it’s only natural that they will start to become concerned.

Acupuncture for Infertility NYC | Acupuncture for Fertility NYC | Fertility Acupuncture NYC

What Could Be Causing Infertility?

Infertility can occur when you have an issue, your partner does or even a combination of aspects that can lead to a delay in pregnancy. Luckily, there are a lot of safe and effective ways of treating this fertility issues. Acupuncture for Infertility is one of these and it can considerably increase your chances of conceiving.

How Can Acupuncture Be Used To Treat Infertility?

Fertility treatment via acupuncture has been around in Asia for numerous of years and is mostly used by the Chinese. It has been used to treat both men and women. Acupuncture is used to increase the chances of being fertile as well as outlining the medical issues that impede a couple from having a baby. Not only is it combined with traditional herbal medicine, it has shown that it can improve the efficacy of IVF by at least 50%.

The acupuncture helps to improve the blood circulation to various reproductive organs including the ovaries, while also stabilizing the nervous system which allows the body to handle stress better. Furthermore, inflammation is decreased and the inequality in delicate hormones are corrected.

Infertility Acupuncture as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is the leading method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which takes an integrated methodology to treating an individual. Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to stabilise the flow of energy in the body and this flowing energy is also known as Qi. An individual’s Qi can be interrupted due to many factors including emotional conditions, such as anxiety and depression or different illnesses and injuries. A change in an individual’s routine including, poor food intake, the lack of sleep and added stress could also interrupt their Qi.

When the flow of a person’s Qi is unbalanced, it can lead to them not feeling as healthy as they used to and can cause certain health problems, including fertility issues. The root to this interruption in Qi that could be provoking infertility varies depending on the predicament. However, the specialists at Yejee Fertility Acupuncture are able to regulate personal requirements of each patient.

Yejee Infertility Acupuncture NYC

Acupuncture for Infertility NYC | Acupuncture for Fertility NYC | Fertility Acupuncture NYC

Once our specialists have examined the requirements of each patient, they take their time to regulate the exact cure that will stabilize the patient’s body.

Our fertility acupuncture procedures thrive in determining blood flow and regulating the flow of Qi, which therefore improves the mental, physical and emotional conditions that contribute to an individual’s infertility. We fully understand that this can be a stressful and exhausting experience. Our qualified specialists will give you a distinctive insight on your journey.

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