Finding Time for Peace of Mind in NYC for 2018

In a city as alive and demanding as New York, it’s no small wonder that anyone has enough energy, ambition, and focus to get anything done. Distractions abound, and it seems like just being here costs valuable energy. But every day so much is planned, prepped, and accomplished in this city. From the wee hours of the early morning to the last minutes of each night, the city demands so much out of each and every one of us, but real New Yorkers survive. Unfortunately, there’s a price for this constant motion, effort, and interaction—our health and wellbeing! The increased levels of anxiety, stress, and physical fatigue that can be generated from simply performing normal, everyday tasks in the city can be a major roadblock to some much need recharging and relaxation.

The following are common sources of stress, anxiety, and physical exhaustion that we all have to deal with to some degree when living in New York, NY. But fortunately, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, one that will have you finding ways to fill your schedule with ample relaxation and opportunities to recharge your mind, body, and qi.

Top Contributors to City-Living Induced Stress and Anxiety

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No matter what you do for work, it’s going to be a constant source of anxiety and stress. The simple fact that you want to succeed beyond competency means that your job, no matter the occupation, is going to be a constant competition with others, and with yourself. When going through a tough period at work, it can feel like everything in your world is impacted. It is difficult to escape work stress, as it comes home with you and remains with you when you wake up in the morning. The key to beating work stress is learning how to take care of yourself—mind and body—so that you can tackle the challenges of your job with a vigorous focus. A key component of self-care is knowing how to relax and recharge.

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Social/Personal Life

The pressures of maintaining a healthy social life can be a challenge in today’s hectic and demanding New York. It’s difficult enough finding time for yourself, but in order to nurture the relationships we all need to stay sane, happy, and healthy—we have to find/make time. That means for the friends on the Upper West side and the co-workers who want to meet at the Garden for a game. The bigger your social and professional network, the more you can expect to be constantly starting nights uptown, only to end them way downtown. This all sounds tiring, because it is, and the demands of a healthy social life will wear you down if you’re not careful and don’t find/make the time to relax and recharge.

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Lack of Exercise & Poor Nutrition

It’s almost too easy to skip a gym session or choose to spend another hour on the couch instead of taking that run. Couple that with the fact that most people on any given day would prefer the to-go slice of cheese pizza over the to-go garden salad, and you can start to see why most New Yorkers could benefit considerably from a disciplined exercise regimen and some clean nutrition.

 The Benefits of Just a Little Peace of Mind

 At the heart of everything we do here at Yejee, is the desire to introduce peace, tranquility, and well-being into your life. We live and work here in the big city too, and know the toll it takes on all of us. We’re proud to offer such effective and simple solutions to our patients in need of guidance and treatment—<from stress and pain alleviating acupuncture to expert nutritional counseling—we have everything every New Yorker needs to stay healthy, happy, and alert out there. Come visit us, and see what we can do to introduce some peace of mind to your life.

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