Acupuncture for Depression

We all get down, sometimes. But for some of us, the suffocating feelings of sadness can last longer, sometimes stretching on for days, or weeks even. This is when a bout of the ‘blues’ turns into depression. In America, this persistent condition continues to be a serious issue, taken seriously by those who experience it firsthand, as it impacts more than 16 million adults. For many, the battle against depression is a hard fought one, that is usually treated through a combination of medication and therapy—but there are other methods of alleviating depression and anxiety, some that are especially relaxing, centering, and positive for your mind and body.

Acupuncture for Depression at Yejee

Depression and Acupuncture? It’s a match!

Depression can strike at any time, for any reason, and can leave you feeling like getting out of bed is an impossible task every morning. It’s tough and can be hard on you, and your support network of friends, family, and coworkers. But remember, when it comes to beating back your depression—you’re not alone, and there are many ways to fight this condition. You may think you’ve tried everything, but have you considered acupuncture? If not, perhaps it’s time you should, let me tell you why.

Unblock your energy highway with Acupuncture for Depression

Unlock your energy highway at Yejee through Acupuncture

 Acupuncture is all about working in conjunction with your body to help energy flow smoothly and uninhibited through the channels connecting your organs. By gently inserting pins into traditional acupuncture points along established meridians—or energy highways in your body—acupuncturists are able to unblock congestion, which returns normal energy flow to your organs. This is critical to maintaining a healthy mind and body, and when done regularly can help ward off negative conditions and emotions that contribute to and strengthen your depression.

When energy flows undisturbed through your body, you will feel healthy, energetic, and a general sense of well-being. But when there are blocks, clogs, bits of congestion along your body’s energy highways, that’s when problems arise—and you will encounter physical illness and heightened levels of anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue. When you’re battling depression, it may feel like you are experiencing all of these side effects of poor energy flow through your body, leaving you mentally and physically exhausted. This is a perfect time for you to consider introducing the corrective and invigorating practice of acupuncture into your monthly health routine.

Acupuncture Research Continues, with Great Results

As with all medical and restorative practices, research is ongoing and methods are constantly being refined and re-purposed for new benefits. This includes acupuncture, too! Research has always shown support for the benefits of acupuncture, from identifying that acupuncture causes the body to release pain-killing and mood-altering endorphins to promoting it as a form of stress-relief that is beneficial to the mind and body. Recent research continues to connect the dots between improved health and acupuncture, with a study at Georgetown University in 2013 concluding that acupuncture has protective effect against the body’s stress response. Further research is now suggesting that acupuncture is also effective in combating Major Depressive Disorder during pregnancy. There’s much to love about acupuncture, and as more and more people learn about it’s natural and soothing benefits, the more research can be conducted to identify just what makes this practice so effective and helpful to the body.

Expect Treatment and Work Towards Improvement

Acupuncture isn’t a miracle cure but it is a methodical and tested way to positively impact the body and prevent illness and discomfort. When thinking about trying acupuncture to help with your depression, or with anything else affecting your mind or body, keep in mind that like with any treatment, it will take time for your acupuncturist and your body to adjust to your body. Give your treatment time, and you will see why when put to the test acupuncture continues to deliver results, and positively impact the lives of people everywhere willing to try an alternative approach to better health.

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