Dry Cupping Therapy in New York City

Dry cupping therapy is a traditional form of Chinese medicine in which suction is created on precise points on the patient’s body producing a vacuum effect that alleviates tension in the area and relaxes muscles.

How Dry Cupping Therapy Works

Suction is created by heating up the air inside glass cups and then placing glass cups on the patient; the hot air inside the glass creates a vacuum stretching the skin upwards. Another way to produce suction is by using an air pump on the glass cups to siphon air out of the cup, pulling the skin upwards.

Health Benefits of Dry Cupping Therapy

After the suction is produced, the cups are left on for a few minutes and the condition of the skin is monitored. As the patient’s skin rises, their blood vessels expand, which alleviates tension and inflammation, relaxes muscles and stimulates blood flow.

Dry Cupping as an Alternative Therapy

One of the biggest advantages of using dry cupping for treatment as opposed to prescription drugs or invasive surgeries, is that cupping therapy poses no risk of addiction or infection. It as a natural form of treatment which has been used across the world for thousands of years.

Organic bay leaf herb sprig reflected over rippled water, set against a white background. (saliva officinalis)

Conditions Treatable with Dry Cupping Therapy

At Yejee Acupuncture and Wellnessour experienced team of cupping experts treat conditions such as:

Muscle Pain

Sports Injuries

Skin Problems Including Acne

Joint Pain

Joint Stiffness

High Blood Pressure