Cupping Therapy Benefits & Cupping Treatment NYC


Cupping Therapy Benefits

I’m pretty sure many of you will have heard of cupping therapy benefits and cupping benefits by now. It’s been a hot topic in the media during this past summer thanks to athletes like Michael Phelps and others in Rio Olympics 2016 receiving cupping treatments from their onsite trainers and therapists, for examplecupping for frozen shoulder. So, what exactly is cupping therapy and its associated cupping benefits?


Instagram photo of Michael Phelps’s receiving cupping therapy during Summer 2016 Rio Olympic

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been used for thousands of years to address myriad of health concerns.   (Hijima is also a variation of cupping with similar protocol used by Egyptian) The procedure requires the usage of circular glass jar, bamboo cup, or plastic cupping tool to contract and pull the targeted myofasical layers of the skin, creating a negative pressure and release “body toxins” that otherwise causes inflammation or creates blockage within the blood circulation within the body.

Cupping therapy generally serves as a dual role for diagnostic and treatment purpose in clinical settings.   As a treatment protocol, cupping therapy excels in promoting blood flow, draining lymphatic blockage, reducing down local swelling and nerve inflammation, and most importantly serves as a proactive tool for facilitating rehabilitation.

The high suction power often causes bruising at the local cupping area, where the local capillaries are broken down. (Remember Michael Phelps’s right shoulder at his swimming competition? Yes, I’m talking about those dark circular bruises). Whether induced by physical trauma or if there’s a presence of toxin buildup within the body that leads to impaired blood flow, the said “bruising” effect gets more pronounced, in respective to the severity level of the treating person’s condition. The good news is that as the symptoms improve over the course of treatments, so do the bruising marks – so the same spots that were previously dark red or purple will be lighter – which is a good indicator for progressive changes in the body’s circulatory system.




  • Sports related injuries, including acute strain or sprains
  • Pain management for chronic ailments, including bulged or heriated disk of the vertebrae
  • “Frozen Shoulder”, adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder joint
  • Digestive dysfunctions, including ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome
  • Weight management
  • Detoxification protocol
  • Hormonal imbalance & common gynecological issues


Cupping Benefits & Cupping NYC

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