Acupuncture for Pain in New York City

At Yejee Acupuncture for Pain NYC, we provide an array of treatment options for the effective pain management of our patients. Acupuncture can treat a myriad of painful symptoms and even assist in recovery from sports-related injuries. For a brief list of conditions we commonly treat at our clinic, please look below, or call us to inquiry about a particular ailment at 212-582-2593.


Acupuncture for Pain Management

At Yejee Acupuncture for Pain NYC, our board certified acupuncturists specialize in treating the following conditions:

Arthritis and Joint Pain

From patients who have undergone knee surgery to those suffering from osteoarthritis, acupuncture is a safe and reliable treatment option for patients at almost any stage of their respective conditions. According to the US National Institutes of Health, acupuncture not only provides pain relief for arthritis but even improves the patient’s mobility. While reducing inflammation in the joints, acupuncture reduces stiffness and pain in problem areas without the common side effects of prescription drugs.

Nerve Damage

Recent studies have verified that acupuncture repairs nerves in addition to relieving pain from nerve damage. According to a study published in Neural Regeneration Research, many patients suffering from nerve damage were reported to regenerate nerves after receiving acupuncture. Symptoms of nerve damage include loss of sensation, burning, tingling, pain, etc. At Yejee Acupuncture and Wellness, most patients report having symptom relief even after just a single session.

Neck and Shoulder Tension

Neck and shoulder pain is a common symptom reported by patients who frequent our clinic. Surprisingly, many Americans are not even aware they are suffering from the ailment. Working in an office and sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time, it’s not surprising that many New Yorkers are prone to shoulder and neck tension. By directly targeting tight and spasmed muscles, acupuncture can comfortably return those tense neck and shoulders to their resting state.

Back Pain

For centuries, acupuncture has been widely accepted as an effective method in treating back pain. In fact, acupuncture is one of the most popular forms of back pain treatment in Asia even today. From acute strains to chronic back pain resulting from a bulging disc, acupuncture not only assists in pain relief but also the prevention of recurring symptoms without the need of additional medication.

Migraines and Headaches

Migraine affects as many as 38 million Americans every year. Significant pain and the frequency of occurrences can make migraine an almost debilitating condition for some patients. Fortunately, acupuncture can dramatically alleviate symptoms of migraine as well as those of chronic headache. As acupuncture stimulates the body into producing natural endorphins, pain relief is immediate in most cases.

Sports Injuries

For an athlete suffering from injury, a swift recovery is imperative not only for their health but also their livelihood. Various studies have shown that athletes with injury who add acupuncture to their treatment plan can dramatically reduce their recovery time. In fact, more and more professional sports teams are including acupuncturists on staff for this very reason.