According to a 2016 poll from Gallup, 53 percent of American adults say they want to lose weight and that percentage is up nearly 20 percent compared to studies done in the 1990’s. So with so many Americans seeking to lose weight, it begs the questions, what is holding them back?

Two big reasons that come to mind are the difficulties of figuring out the right exercise routine and of finding a diet that works.

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Everybody’s body is different, so whatever exercise habits work for one person may not be best for you. The same goes for dieting. Diets vary dramatically in their methods, cutting out carbs, fat, sugar or protein, while all of them preaching that their method is the healthiest way to lose weight.

Once you’ve found the diet and exercise regimen that works for you, incorporating acupuncture treatments into your schedule will enhance the benefits of this diet and exercise program.

Acupuncture can regulate your body’s metabolism and actively reduce stress, two effects which greatly help a weight loss effort.

Your metabolism works with your digestive system to convert the food you eat into energy for your body, so when it reaches an imbalance it is important to get it back on track. Through acupuncture and a steady diet, you can ensure that your metabolism stays at a healthy balance.

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Additionally, keeping your stress down is a critical part of achieving your weight loss goals. Many experts agree that one of the symptoms of too much stress is gaining weight. This is due to cases of stress eating and emotional eating, where people turn to comfort food that is usually unhealthy in order to cope with their problems. Reducing your stress keeps you from stress eating and helps you feel better and think clearly. Stress reduction is a well-known benefit of acupuncture.

The practitioners at our clinic are well-versed in weight-loss field and are extremely proficient in both acupuncture and nutritional counseling. We examine each patient with extreme, individualistic care and devise a nutritional and dietary plan that will best fit that patient. We take the same level of precision and care in recommending and implementing our acupuncture regimens.

The experts at Yejee Acupuncture and Wellness NYC specialize in Acupuncture, Nutrition and other Holistic modalities that are both safe and effective. For questions about acupuncture for weight loss, nutrition, or additional inquiries regarding any of our services, please email us at:


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